Working to Create Healthy Workplaces in India

I wrote this post on behalf of Arogya World, a global health nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting non-communicable diseases, and a long-time client. It was originally published on the Global Health Council blog.    Workplaces are incredibly valuable platforms for wellness advancement and chronic disease prevention. Workplace wellness programs are a fixture in the U.S. […]

mDiabetes: Putting Health Information Literally Into the Hands of Consumers

I wrote this post for the Global Health Council blog in October, 2013, on behalf of Arogya World – a “small but mighty” nonprofit organization I’ve been working with since 2010. See it on the GHC site.    Diabetes is rampant in India – 60 million-plus Indians are currently living with the disease and one […]

Pencils Down: Know When to Stop Editing

I see it all the time – in organizations great and small. In blog posts, annual reports, memos and letters. A good idea is approved and drafted. Then the editors take over and it all goes to hell. It starts out innocently enough. You write something lovely and then set to work honing the rough […]

Writing Advice: Get on with your point.

I’ve been looking at a lot of digital/design agency sites for a project I’m working on. Most have a “We are a firm that…” statement front and center on the homepage. That’s a mistake. Go straight for what sets you apart and makes you awesome without wasting synaptic activity on an empty “we are…” introduction, […]

As featured in The Guardian: Fighting diabetes in India using text messages

In my role as head of social and digital media at Arogya World (a small but mighty global health non-profit organization working to prevent non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer through proactive health education and lifestyle change) I authored this article for The Guardian‘s Sustainable Business Partner Zone, sponsored by BUPA. Fighting diabetes […]

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