An interview with Matthew Lesko, who is even better than free money from the government. 1

You know Matthew Lesko, the man in the question mark suit. Bestselling author and media icon, you can subscribe to his Web site,, to learn about government benefits that can help you get an education, start a business or improve your home.

You’ve seen him on TV, online and probably around town (if you’re in the DC area) on his scooter, or in his signature Mini Cooper. I had the great opportunity to meet with him today to talk about business and love and the economy and the KGB, for starters. Our talk was wide-ranging. My part was fueled by cold medicine (it’s not swine flu) and black tea, and Mr. Lesko’s by his natural zeal and energy.

One of the things I love is getting people talking about what they love, because there’s always something to learn. This was no exception. But let’s let the man speak for himself:

On how I can get this blog thing off the ground and maybe paying its own way:

For someone like us who doesn’t have a gazillion dollars content is king because these big people are always buying content, so if you have content that’s interesting, maybe a model for you is to find other sites that can use your content. If you have the stuff, then you take your stuff and convince these other people that “hey this is neat stuff that you should have on your stuff.” Whether it’s a revenue share, or whatever. But it’s the same ballsy thing – that’s what I find in business. That’s what I had to learn after business school – the idea that the product is only 10 or 20 percent of your creativity, and 80 or 90 percent is figuring out how to sell the shit.

On whether he’s a workaholic:

I just love what I do. I hate work. I always hated everything I was doing, where I was going, and most of your waking life is really working. So for me the goal was to find something that isn’t mindless work. How do you find something that you enjoy every day? I mean, I was a golfer. And when I lived in Scotland, I would play golf in rain like this; it was shitty and it’d be 30 degrees and raining, and we’d go out and play. But at work? Oh, I’m not going to work here unless it’s perfect. But the things you love? You don’t give a shit where it is. And it should be the reverse, because this is what you spend your whole day doing.

More to come…

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