Cancer is an Asshole: $41.44 and a little bonus ranting

Before I get to the rant, let me just thank everyone for once again making it a great month for this minor skirmish in the great war against cancer. You rock and I’m not just saying that. It honestly warms my heart each month when I get these receipts and find that you’re still participating. I am truly grateful to you.

Now, let the gnashing of teeth begin.

This really irked me:

“We know folks have been upset with us,” says [spokesperson Leslie] Aun. “We get that, and we are sorry. We hope that people don’t turn their backs on women. If you don’t give to Komen, that’s someone who’s not going to get a mammogram.” She adds, “We fill so many gaps for women—we gave 700,000 free screenings to uninsured women last year, many of them impoverished.”

From Komen Kills Major Lobbying Day, Urges People Not to Abandon Women

They just don’t get it. And now I have to do some math just to be a jerk.

Komen claims they made 700k mammograms possible last year. During the same year, they took in $400 million. So, in essence, they paid $571.43 per mammogram.

A quick Google search found out-of-pocket mammogram prices generally between $100 and $250.

Using that $250 figure (in an unprecedented act of generosity on my part), I’m going to go ahead and say that they are actually preventing about 700k mammograms per year. *

* I know this is a severe oversimplification. But seriously. They impugned my commitment to women’s health and fighting cancer. 

And so, it is with great pleasure that I submit this month’s donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Here are the receipts:

Amazon card $41.44

Donation confirmation $41.44


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