Cancer is an Asshole: $64.91 smackeroos.

In the shadow of The Oatmeal’s amazing fundraiser launched to tick off an appallingly wrongheaded lawyer, I am so very happy to announce this month’s donation to the American Cancer Society was for a whopping (by our standards) $64.91.

Not bad, considering that no one here is out one red cent. That’s 64.91 free smackeroos kicking cancer in the tenders.

Last month I promised an amazing milestone for this campaign, and I’m afraid my math was off (which will surprise no one who knows me). Stay tuned, though. It’s not far off.

You all are the best.

Amazon changed their gift card email notification design, so this doesn’t look as official as before. It is a shot of the gift card they sent me. Promise.

Amazon 06-18-2012 $64.91


And the donation:

Confirm 06-18-2012 $64.91


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